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Maintenance of Blix theme is still on hiatus but the plan is to port the CSS design onto an existing WordPress theme framework.  Then most bugs and keeping up to date with WordPress updates would be handled by the theme framework owner.

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Hello everyone,

Maintenance of Blix theme is on hiatus for now due to my health reasons.

I know there are some bugs with non-compliant Internet Explorer browsers and with the recent WordPress version updates.

If anyone wants to re-adopt this theme to fix it and keep it up to date, you are welcome to.  I was only hacking my way around the CSS anyway as it is not my area of expertise. 🙂

This is one reason to check out some Premium WordPress Themes if you want guaranteed maintenance and support!

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Blix WordPress Theme – Update

Blix has been updated to fix a bug in the display of the navigation bar when using Internet Explorer 6 and 7.

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Blix WordPress Theme – Update

A theme option has been added to allow the sidebar to appear on pages.  The original Blix theme design only shows the sidebar on posts.

Bug fixes include clearing floating elements from the comment link line, removing the default width for form input and textareas, and hiding overflow in the sidebar.

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Blix WordPress Theme – Update

I have added an administration panel with a few theme options.  You can now configure the layout to be fixed width or flexible width, whether pages are added to the horizontal navigation menu or a page menu in the sidebar, and whether the navigation menu shows sub-pages.

Bug fixes include showing and highlighting the correct pages in the horizontal navigation menu when the front page is set to a static page.

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Blix WordPress Theme – Update

Several bugs have been fixed.

Missing translation messages have been fixed.  I have tried to use only messages in the official WordPress POT file.  Please let me know of any I missed.

The navigation menu now expands and wraps around to the next row if there are more pages than fit in one row.

Some styling issues with elements have been fixed.

There is still a problem with Internet Explorer 7 in the fluid width layout’s header.

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Blix WordPress Theme – Update

Fixed Blix and Fluid Blix are now combined in one Blix theme download.  There are style sheets for both fixed width and flexible width layouts.

Fluid Blix is now using a flexible width layout based on the method in the article, In Search of the Holy Grail, at A List Apart.  Previously, the layout was based on The Perfect Fluid Width Layout which required the workaround of placing the sidebar before the main content in the HTML code.  With the new method, both the fixed width and flexible width layouts can use the same HTML and PHP code.

The About ‘Shorty’ has been fixed to appear on the main page if it exists.  Mini-entries have also been tested and are working.  For instructions on how to use these, read the READ ME.

Other bug fixes include fixing the comment anchor link from the Recent Comments widget and the respond anchor link to leave a comment.

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Blix WordPress Theme

Download Blix. Updated July 12, 2009.

Read Me for set-up instructions.

Fixed Blix

  • supports widgets
  • displays post tags
  • is upgraded to work with WordPress 2.1 and above
  • supports language internationalization

Fluid Blix

  • fluid width content column
  • fixed width sidebar
  • minimum width of 750 px (default)
  • maximum width of 1000 px (default)


Archive of update announcements.


Original Blix by Sebastian Schmieg.  Icons by Kevin Potts.

If you choose to use this theme, please keep a link credit from your site to either this page or directly to the original authors above.  Either in the footer or an “about” page is fine.  I have moved the credits here to minimize the footer.


Blix is licensed under a GPL license, which basically means that you can modify it in any way you like. However if you choose to re-release it, the license has to stay the same and you’ve to credit all authors that have worked on the theme before.

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Fixed Blix WordPress Theme – Update

Fixed Blix has been updated to fix a bug in the display alignment of the number of posts in the category and archive widgets.

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Submit Your Site for the Blix Gallery Showcase

Have you customized the Blix WordPress theme with a unique design?  Submit your site for the Blix Gallery Showcase.  

Please post a link to your site in the comments.  Sites will be selected for display based on uniqueness, aesthetics, and content.  A thumbnail image will be made from your site motifs for the link.

I’ve also selected for display a few spectacular sites which I came across in the Web logs.  If you are the owner of one of these sites and do not want it displayed here, please let me know.

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