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Blix WordPress Theme – Update

Fixed Blix and Fluid Blix are now combined in one Blix theme download.  There are style sheets for both fixed width and flexible width layouts.

Fluid Blix is now using a flexible width layout based on the method in the article, In Search of the Holy Grail, at A List Apart.  Previously, the layout was based on The Perfect Fluid Width Layout which required the workaround of placing the sidebar before the main content in the HTML code.  With the new method, both the fixed width and flexible width layouts can use the same HTML and PHP code.

The About ‘Shorty’ has been fixed to appear on the main page if it exists.  Mini-entries have also been tested and are working.  For instructions on how to use these, read the READ ME.

Other bug fixes include fixing the comment anchor link from the Recent Comments widget and the respond anchor link to leave a comment.

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