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Blix WordPress Theme

Download Blix. Updated July 12, 2009.

Read Me for set-up instructions.

Fixed Blix

  • supports widgets
  • displays post tags
  • is upgraded to work with WordPress 2.1 and above
  • supports language internationalization

Fluid Blix

  • fluid width content column
  • fixed width sidebar
  • minimum width of 750 px (default)
  • maximum width of 1000 px (default)


Archive of update announcements.


Original Blix by Sebastian Schmieg.  Icons by Kevin Potts.

If you choose to use this theme, please keep a link credit from your site to either this page or directly to the original authors above.  Either in the footer or an “about” page is fine.  I have moved the credits here to minimize the footer.


Blix is licensed under a GPL license, which basically means that you can modify it in any way you like. However if you choose to re-release it, the license has to stay the same and you’ve to credit all authors that have worked on the theme before.

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