How to Make your SEO Game Better This 2019

Aside from a solid digital marketing campaign, your small business needs a kickass and more aggressive search engine optimization (SEO) strategy to start the year 2019 with a bang. You need to stand out among your competitors by ranking high in search engine results pages (SERPs) right from the start.

Whether you already have an established business looking to up your game this year or a startup, you will need the services of experts in search engine optimization from a digital marketing agency like SEO Werkz in Utah. Below are some expert tips to help kick-start and up your SEO game.

Optimize Your Content to Match the Search Intent of Users

With Google prioritizing user experience, this year, you have to optimize your content for the knowledge panel, snippets, as well as other elements presented by Google. Google is looking to display content that’s most relevant to users, and this is the reason it focuses on displaying more image and video results than it did years prior.

If you’re looking to make your business rank in Google for something specific, search your keywords in Google and check out your search results. If you see images, make infographics, and if you see videos, make videos, and if you see both images and videos, craft an article with both images and videos.

Provide Smarter Information Minus the Need for Queries

This 2019, users shouldn’t have to input queries when searching for something in Google since the giant search engine now heavily utilizes natural language processing, artificial intelligence and entities. This means that you have to make certain that your content utilizes the schema markup. You have to produce scripts with entities and NLP and include transcripts matching your text.

Make sure that search engines could access your video and audio content if they’re hosted on your site through XML sitemap files and schema markup. For your image files, make certain to label files, pages, schema markup, landing page, and page placement quality. Google understands that these kinds of content would rule this year, so it’s prioritizing them to be seen in search.

Optimize Your Content for Voice Search

Planning optimization of the content

Due to the voice search devices becoming increasingly popular, you need to rework and optimize your content in order that it could directly answer queries users might ask through voice search. You must appear in the voice search box with a link to your site, ideally above all the other voice search results.

When leveraging SEO for voice search results, you want to invest in long-tail keywords because people use longer phrases when they’re conversing, which means that when they talk into voice search devices, they would do so casually and conversationally.

Put simply, if you’re looking to make SEO work better for you this year, focus on employing SEO in a better and newer way—one that’s perfectly in line with the new ways people search on Google as well as modern devices. Otherwise, be prepared to eat the dust your competitors will leave on their wake as they race to the top of Google.