The Youth is Saving the Environment Through The Internet

Scientists are saying that we are one generation away from a complete global meltdown. Climate alarmists are raising concerns regarding the status of the environment right now. Due to the excessive industrialization of most businesses, they are fetching the environment costly dues. We are seeing the highest exponential growth of pollutants in every element of our ecosystems.

In 2019, studies show that carbon dioxide, an element we do not need in excess, have reached 411 parts per million — the highest in the known history of Earth. Scientists are certain that these are man-made. While global warming because of natural causes (volcanic emissions and plankton population) are expected every few million years, man-made emissions are accelerating global warming at a much faster pace. It is said that by 2100, ocean temperatures would have increased to the point that sea levels will rise by 2.5.

Older generations are showing little to no care for the world they will eventually leave behind. While they are only partly the people to blame for this problem, they are not enthusiastic about solving it. They hold more than half of this world’s wealth and are the world’s leaders in every nation. Yet no matter how powerful they are, they seemingly care more about profiteering at the expense of the world. In the United States, the generational gap of wealth is even more highlighted. Boomers account for 41% of the workforce, yet they hold 54% of the wealth.

In this light, however, the younger generations are not deterred. Younger people are especially caring for the environment since they get to live in it longer. Now that globalization is realized, people are getting to see how beautiful our Earth is and how we are slowly destroying nature. We intend to leave a world behind where our children and our children’s children will get to experience the Earth’s beauty. While we do not have capital ourselves, we are using another powerful tool in our arsenal: we are using the Internet.

The internet is one of the most widely used methods of communicating in the world by most millennials and Gen Z-ers. They are taking the fight to save the environment in there as well. Enumerated are some of the efforts they are taking to safeguard the future and save the environment:

Going Paperless

One of the most amazing things about the internet is that you can do entire transactions without having to touch any kind of pen and paper. Going paperless in transactions is one of the amazing ones the youth is saving the environment. To conserve using paper and prevent further damage to forests, going paperless is the way to go for most. Aside from being hassle-free, you can almost always bring a copy of the documents with you anywhere. With just a push of a button, a contract can be concluded from opposite sides of the globe. The carbon footprint of travel for transmitting documents is minimized.

woman sitting in the woods

Free Marketing for Advocacies

Most grassroots advocacies regarding the environment are now rooted in the efforts of internet warriors. Because of the internet, people can freely display their thoughts and advocacies they are fighting for. Because the internet has further reach when it comes to audience, the youth are taking word-of-mouth marketing to another level. Entities outsource SEO services as well to further bolster their efforts and target those who truly are capable of making a change. Advocacies are nothing if not backed up by sponsors. With internet marketing, even those with not much to contribute are welcome donors as well. Each dollar donated is a chance to save ecosystems that hold our world together.

Companies’ Hands Are Tied and Forced

Aggressive efforts of the youth to force the hand of companies to care for the environment are slowly taking effect. Because of cancel culture and the widespread boycott facilitated over the internet, most companies are aware that they are being watched by their market. A single wrong move can spell disaster for the value of their company. Through the internet, companies are forced to make public their efforts in reducing their carbon footprint. The watchful eyes of the audience are always on the companies. A boycott of a well-placed product can doom the company’s stock.

Lobbying Power

Boomers are afraid to admit it, but the internet is gaining power when it comes to lobbying. Legislators and other state regulators are aware that, like companies, their movements are easily tracked through the internet. Track records are exposed regarding their own advocacy. The internet has become a tool for the youth to lobby their own congressmen or councilmen to push through environmental protection laws. Legislators are just a button away from a suggestion or advocacy. A slight push from thousands of supporters can bend a legislator to tip in favor of an advocated law. ;

It might not look like it, but the internet is actually saving the environment. Through little steps, we are getting closer to the goal of getting our carbon footprints back to non-harmful levels.