Maximize Your Phone Use to Make Your LIfe Easier

We can’t live without our phones, specifically our smartphones. We’ve come to rely on it for most of our daily needs, from food to house repairs. Businesses have already introduced phone numbers you could call for free from mobile phones so that online and remote transactions are convenient.

We could no longer imagine when people have to wait for weeks to receive a letter through the post. We don’t know the feeling of having to wait at a meeting place for hours because the person we’re waiting for could not just send us a message that he or she couldn’t come.

The invention of the first cellphone had been revolutionary. It became part of human communication needs. Then it evolved into something more encompassing. Nowadays, there’s hardly anything you couldn’t find an answer to with just a few clicks in your mobile browser. The moment you open your phone, you are already notified of the weather for the day, the current events, and what’s happening around you.

Everything is practically at our fingertips. But are we aware of all the comforts that our smartphones could bring? We have some basic transactions we could do with our smartphones to make our lives a lot easier.

Ensure the security of our homes.

Security systems could be connected to your phone so that you could view what’s happening even when you’re away. You could set an alarm that would alert you when your security system detects movement in your designated monitored area. You can then call 911 or your neighborhood security if you see suspicious movements around your home.

There are also applications that you could install so that you could track the whereabouts of another device. It is convenient when you need to monitor your children’s location while you’re on a business trip. You need to orient them to have their phones or tablets with them all the time.

Control your appliances conveniently.

In a wired smart home, you could have everything managed through your phone. It’s very convenient, especially when you’re living alone. When you’re about to reach your house from work, for example, you could already set the temperature and turn on some lights so that you arrive at a welcoming ambiance and immediately relax.

You could also stay put while ordering your phone to do your work for you. For example, turn on your television set, check if the porch lights have been left open, monitor if your washing or drying machines are already done.

phone flatlay

Pay your bills.

Other than online banking systems, some companies have set up an all-in-one payment center. See if your local electricity and water distributors are connected to a single online payment service. The U.S.A. also has a government-wide portal for payments to its different agencies. The initiative also developed a mobile application for greater convenience.

Monitor your health statistics as well as medication schedules.

With some applications, you could monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, calorie intake, calories burned, and all those important statistics you need to regularly check to avoid health problems.

But there are also specialized applications that are useful for specific diseases such as diabetes and those that could alert your doctor for signs of heightened susceptibility to stroke. Two apps that are very helpful for lifesaving are Kardia and Pulse Point. The former tracks your lifestyle imprints, such as your hours of sleep, dietary habits, and shortness of breath, and sends it to your doctor to have it analyzed. The latter alerts the people who know how to do CPR when a nearby case needs help.

Smartphones are poneopularly used for leisure purposes.

While commuting or waiting for friends, many people watch shows and movies, listen to music, read publications, play games, and maybe even do some shopping. It’s become a regular go-to gadget when taking a break from work.

For hobbyists, some apps also allow users to learn music and tune musical instruments. Language applications like Duolingo and Babbel give people a productive alternative to repetitive and mindless games.

The things used to occupy office desks and walls before have now turned into tiny icons on your mobile screens. Photo albums, an alarm clock, a calculator, a notepad, a phone, notepads, a radio, the television set, etc. — they have all become one click away with the very compact smartphone. As technology is getting better and more apps are being developed, it’s exciting what else in our lives can be done with a simple press of a button.