Four Ways Technology is Helping People Take Care of Their Children

In the United States, birth rates have been declining for several years. In fact, in 2017, there were just 60 births per 1,000 women, which is the lowest rate in recorded history. Several reasons for this decline include increased access to contraception, higher education rates, and more widespread acceptance of alternative family structures.

Despite the declining birth rates, the United States is still home to  more than 3.8 million babies  born yearly. This makes it one of the most populous countries in the world, and the population will likely continue to grow in the years to come. If the country wants to increase its overall birth rate in the coming years, it needs to spend more on technology that helps with child care. Here are some ways technology can improve child care:


One of the things that every family needs are a way to keep an eye out for their child at home. It’s estimated that about  12,000 children and young adults  die yearly from accidents. Surveillance is one way to ensure that your children are safe at home. Here are three technologies helping contribute to watching over children.

Smart Monitors

Smart monitors can track your child’s breathing, temperature, and more. These devices often come in the form of a wearable or a device placed under the mattress, and they connect to an app on your phone for easy monitoring.

Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras can help with home security and keep an eye on your child while you’re away from home. These cameras can be connected to apps on your phone for easy viewing anytime, anywhere.

Child tracking technology

Various technologies are available for parents to keep track of their children’s whereabouts. For example, GPS tracking devices or even location-sharing features on smartphones can give parents peace of mind when their child is out and about without them.

Parents having fun with their children

Scheduling and Organization

Parenting can often be overwhelming and hectic, but technology can help with organization and scheduling. Here are three ways technology is helping parents stay organized.

Online calendars

Countless online calendars are available for families to sync their schedules and appointments. This allows for easy access and updates on the go.

Meal planning apps

Gone are the days of trying to plan meals on your own or relying on take-out options. Instead, meal-planning apps allow you to plan your family’s meals for the week, generate shopping lists, and even provide recipes.

Chore tracking apps

Keeping track of chores can also be simplified with chore-tracking apps, where family members can claim tasks and check them off as completed. It’s also a fun way to get your children into chores!


Technology can also improve communication between parents and their children and between parents and other caretakers. Here are a few examples of technology enhancing communication in child care.

Family messaging apps

Keeping in touch with family members, especially for scheduling purposes, is made easier with family messaging apps. These allow for accessible communication without needing constant phone calls or text messages.

Video calling

Face-to-face conversations with distant family members or caretakers can be achieved through video calling technology. This allows for more personal interaction, even when you’re not physically together.

Emergency alerts

In emergencies, various technologies are available to alert necessary parties quickly. Wearable devices can send out emergency signals to programmed contacts, and apps allow for quick alerts to emergency services. These emergency alerts can also be linked to medical professionals. So if your child gets into an accident, it can immediately notify  local pediatric care services . They can immediately dispatch the closest and most appropriate medical team to assist your child.

Internet Safety

The internet can be a great tool but poses potential risks for children. Here are some ways technology is helping with internet safety for children.

Parental control software

Various software options are available to monitor and control internet usage for children. These often allow parents to block inappropriate content, set device usage time limits, and track online activity.

Location sharing features

Many smartphones now have location-sharing features, where parents can easily keep track of their child’s whereabouts in the physical and virtual worlds. This allows for improved safety when meeting strangers online or going to unfamiliar places based on online interactions.

Cyberbullying prevention

Technology is also developing ways to prevent cyberbullying through monitoring and reporting features on social media platforms and other online spaces. This can help protect children from the harmful effects of cyberbullying.

Technology certainly has its drawbacks, but in the world of child care, it can provide much-needed assistance and support for parents. In addition, by utilizing these technological aids, parents can have more peace of mind and less stress in their daily lives.