What Cloud Computing Does for You Right Now

With the rate of innovations in digital technology, it can be challenging to gauge how disruptive one shift is, even as it impacts parts of your life. Cloud computing is one such disruption. The average person is vaguely aware of its existence and somewhat understands its capabilities but might not be sure how it affects their daily life. This article will explain just how cloud computing has made its way into a considerable part of people’s home and work lives.

What exactly is cloud computing?

Cloud Computing is a system where users can access the cloud to utilize applications or data. This means virtually any device with an internet connection can use applications even if they are not installed locally. These devices can also access data that are not stored locally.

Cloud computing offers huge benefits to both organizations and individuals. By using the cloud for applications and data storage, you wouldn’t need to invest in powerful, expensive, and sometimes specialized machines as long as your connection to the internet is fast and stable.

For businesses, this can make operations more efficient. With the help of mobile devices, you can get work done from almost anywhere. This also means that collaboration between individuals, teams, and organizations can be done more efficiently, even if they are based in different parts of the world. Cloud computing also allows businesses to access the most up-to-date versions of applications without the money and time costs of maintaining their hardware.

What are the uses of cloud computing?

cloud computing


The most obvious example here is the cloud storage your phone or computer is connected to. It might be iCloud, OneDrive, Samsung Cloud, or Google Drive. Unless you’ve turned the service off, you’re probably synchronizing your contacts, messages, notes, and pictures to the cloud. This gives you access to those files even if you lose your device.

Your email and social media accounts can also be considered a form of cloud storage since they let you store files like pictures and videos.


Streaming services like Netflix, Spotify, and YouTube also use cloud computing. These services keep their multimedia content in servers that are most likely far from you, but they make these files accessible for you to stream or download from anywhere.


Businesses love using the cloud. It has probably become a necessity for some. Marketing tools like the Adobe Marketing Cloud connects enterprises to consumers like you. Customer relationship management apps like Salesforce are what frontline customer service representatives use to interact with you when you talk to them.

Administrative tools like Amazon Web Services or AWS help many businesses manage their data and resources. This service has become so commonplace that some organizations offer AWS coupon codes for companies to take advantage of.


Healthcare has been taking huge strides using cloud computing. Electronic health records allow clinics and hospitals to share your medical records, improving the quality of care you receive. There’s also telehealth, which gives medical professionals the ability to reach you and provide care even if you’re far away or are unable to reach a medical facility physically.

These are only a few of the most common examples of how cloud computing has been impacting your daily life.