What is Ear Microsuction?

Many people have issues with ear wax that cannot come out on its own or with regular cleaning. These people may need ear microsuction to get the hard-to-get ear wax out of the ear. This video will explain the process and the numerous benefits that patients will experience nearly immediately.

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Earwax is often a common but uncomfortable problem. It can cause hearing loss, tinnitus, ear pressure, and in severe cases, earaches. Some traditional ear wax procedures include using earwax softeners and irrigating the ears with water or other fluids. When those processes don’t work, many turn to their physicians to help them remove the embedded ear wax.

Ear microsuction is a technique that many physicians use to clean out the ear canal and remove blockages. A small vacuum is used to dislodge and remove the wax. During ear microsuction, a long nozzle is inserted in the ear and suctions out the stubborn wax.

Many people find that after the procedure, their tinnitus is gone and they can hear much better. The risks are minimal and even those who suffer from dizziness, temporary hearing loss or worsened tinnitus find that they usually go away quickly with no additional treatment.

Those suffering from ear wax build-up should consult with their physician on the best treatment options.

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