The Benefits of 3D Printing in Orthodontics

Flexibility, ease of use, and speed of the form 3B make it a perfect match for the orthodontics practice, whereby reliability and throughput are important. The 3B is endorsed with low force stereolithography, and a new self-contained optics engine enabling it to take digital fabrication to the next level, hence ortho practices can save cost and time. They can print large batches of models at once and accurately than before. And this has made 3D printing in orthodontics a game changer. There are various benefits that 3D printing in orthodontics has to offer.

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The Form 3B strikes a balance between powerful capabilities and an intuitive workflow that is easy to use, even if you are a beginner with dental 3D printing. It has a user-friendly PreForm print preparation software that integrates seamlessly with existing imaging and CAD/CAM solutions, an automatic resin dispensing material cartridge system, and a carefully integrated end-to-end workflow. Form 3B 3D printer was designed to help anyone achieve better results effortlessly. With the more parts-per-job, it means less time, better efforts, and less effort. Orthodontic practices can now see an average of 55% less labor and costs compared to competitive 3D printers. Ortho practices are also enhanced by the expanding library of materials, such as biocompatible and dental-optimized resins, which offer unparalleled flexibility. Rush cases can be handled quickly with materials such as draft resin.


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