Thinking of Changing Career? Heres Some Ideas

Searching for a new job can be an endlessly tiring and frustrating experience. But, most of us would agree that there’s no better feeling than securing a new position and finally feeling passionate about what we do. That being said, as the job market continues to expand and diversify itself on a daily basis, it can be hard to find a role that suits both our financial needs and our lifestyles. Therefore, this article will discuss everything you need to know about finding a new job and list some of the most popular industries on the market.

6 Roles to Consider When Looking for a New Job

1. Criminal Lawyer

If you’re interested in restoring our justice system, or just find yourself watching a few too many true-crime documentaries, you may be best suited as a Criminal Lawyer. This job title is separated into a variety of unique subsections, meaning that you’re bound to find a job that suits you and your previous experience. For example, a Felony Attorney must have a lot of legal knowledge as well as the keen ability to act impartially. Since these lawyers are required to work alongside a selection of criminals, they often have to present a sense of fairness and neutrality when handling sensitive cases. Yet, these workers are imperative to the wider justice system, helping to keep innocent people out of prisons and working to incarcerate those who have committed wrong-doings. For those looking to pursue a bustling career in Criminal Law, you must first acquire a college diploma in Law to attain the legal knowledge. Although there are a multitude of ways to get into this industry, higher education is the easier way to obtain the right type of knowledge and contacts to find success in this role. This role is also incredibly lucrative, which is ideal for those looking to leave their current job to earn more money and benefits. informs us that the salary range for a Felony Attorney is between $84,816 to $111,348, with the average salary sitting at $98,401. So, if you’re looking to find a new job that pays well and promotes a keen sense of knowledge-building, Criminal Law is a useful sector to look into.

2. HR Specialist

Human Resources (HR) typically focuses on employee well-being and life-cycle, making them an imperative aspect of any successful recruitment firm. This role has a lot of responsibilities, including preparing pay packages, updating employee records, and creating a healthy environment for workers to thrive. As such, this is a great opportunity for those looking to take a much bolder role and are eager to have a pivotal part in their respective company. With so many aspects to think about daily, HR Specialists are expected to have a lot of transferable skills, such as expert communication and budgeting tactics. Thus, if you previously worked as a customer service assistant or wait staff, you’ll probably be a good fit for such a personable new job. There are many ways that you could get into this industry, both via higher education and experience. To work in HR, states that you could secure a degree in a similar field, such as Business Studies, Psychology, or Communication. If you don’t have access to a college education, you could use an internship to gain experience in this type of role. Thus, if you’re looking for an easy way to get a new job, this is a great industry for all types of workers. An HR Specialist commonly earns over $79,000, with the potential to earn bonuses and benefits in the future.

3. Financial Consultant

Money is at the center of many thriving businesses, so working as a Financial Consultant is a great new job for those looking to show off their knowledge and problem-solving skills. These workers tend to advise vast corporations on their financial decisions, helping them to make the best investments and plans for their business. Financial Consultants also aid businesses in their retirement planning processes and lucrative credit card transactions, ensuring that they still have enough money to stay afloat if the worst were to happen. This role is typically seen in particularly large corporations, such as a banking consulting firm, so this is a useful job for those who are eager to become a part of some of the most iconic ventures around the world. Since this job handles vast amounts of money, employees must be highly qualified to complete the tasks associated with this role. explains that potential employees need to have a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Business Law, or Economics. They also note that Financial Consultants may have to obtain a wealth of additional qualifications to ensure that they can adequately help businesses manage their in-goings and out-goings. Although this might sound like a lot of hard work just for a new job, these workers earn an average of $125,718 per year. As such, it seems like all of these arduous tasks will pay off in the long run.

4. Marketing Professional

Marketing is an incredibly creative and profitable industry, making it an ideal industry for workers looking to increase their earnings whilst still having the chance to express a sense of flair and nuance. Although marketing is an imperative part of just about any industry, some sectors take it more seriously than others. If you’re looking to enjoy the legal side of marketing, consider getting a new job in a legal media marketing service. This service works to ensure that companies keep their strong online presence and don’t complete any acts that may be outside the law. For example, these workers help businesses promote their products effectively, without misleading their customers. In addition, this role also focuses on collaboration, ensuring that every party is on the same page before they move on to the next stage of the project. As such, this is an ideal job for anyone who wants to work in marketing but isn’t interested in the more traditional elements of this role such as campaigns, analytics, or engagement. Despite what you might think, those working in a legal media marketing service don’t require experience or qualifications related to law. Instead, many companies seek out those with degrees in Marketing or Business. Since this role is so diverse, its salary varies greatly, with ZipRecruiter highlighting that this role could pay as low as $32,500 per year up to $86,500 per year. In turn, this is a great starting role for those looking for a new job that offers a lot of opportunities for growth and innovation.

5. A Mechanic

If you’re an avid lover of cars and want to spend your days tinkering with parts, a mechanic is the ideal new job for you. These workers focus on a wealth of tasks daily, from auto dent repairs to new paint jobs. Therefore, mechanics have a prime opportunity to enjoy something new every day, which is perfect if you feel like your old job is getting stale and boring. This role is available at multiple levels, which makes it suitable for all experience levels. If you’re looking to find a job at your local garage, you probably need a GED to help you apply for a wealth of comprehensive internships and training programs. Though this may seem like an entry-level job, mechanics are highly skilled workers, so they tend to learn their trade through experience, rather than through a standard college course. However, if you’re eager to work for a more affluent company such as a Mercedes service or a custom-car garage, you may need a few extra assets to help you break into this luxurious sector. Typically, these types of mechanics have to earn an ASE Certificate, which signifies their experience in vehicle parts, repairs, and excellent service. With a variety of roles and routes available, this job is associated with a very differential pay scale. Comparably indicates that an auto mechanic can earn anywhere between $12,200 to $328,665, but the average salary for this role is around $64,359. As a result, mechanics have the chance to work at any level of this industry, making it a suitable role for those looking to make their way up the job ladder over the years.

6. Business Law

The modern world of work mainly relies on two aspects; business and law. As such, a business lawyer plays a pivotal role in multiple sectors. These employees typically offer legal advice to businesses, ensuring that they can effectively complete their taxes and keep track of all of their transactions and intellectual properties. Plus, business lawyers are required to produce a selection of legal contracts for businesses to adhere to, meaning that they often spend their time writing and editing lengthy documents. Since there are a lot of responsibilities and tasks associated with this role, business lawyers are required to have a JD degree. This means that companies mostly prefer you to have a strong understanding of the law, rather than a lot of knowledge of marketing. As such, this role is perfect for those who want to work within legal circles but don’t want to be associated with the traditional criminal justice system. Plus, like other lawyers, you’ll have to pass the Bar Exam to practice law in your respective jurisdiction. Although business lawyers have to complete an extensive number of tests and courses, Finbold suggests that they have the potential to earn between $50,000-$160,000, with the average business lawyer earning $95,000 per year. This institution also notes that this salary depends on the size of the firm you are working with as well as its location. Thus, it’s important to consider these factors when searching for a new job as a business lawyer.

7. A Cosmetologist

If you tend to keep yourself very prim and proper, no matter the occasion, you may be best suited as a cosmetologist. These workers focus on a wealth of high-end cosmetic beauty treatments, providing their clients with a laser hair removal service, as well as manicures, and skincare facials. Cosmetologists also have to use a wealth of analytics skills to help their treatments match their client’s hair and skin tones, making this a very creative and inquisitive role. To become a qualified Cosmetologist, you may have to obtain a collection of qualifications and training certifications. At the base level, you need a GED to be accepted onto a training course that will help you learn the tricks associated with the trade. At the highest level, you can complete a two-year Applied Science program from a standard technical college. Regardless of your educational background, all Cosmetologists must have a license provided by the American Association of Cosmetology Schools (AACS), which allows them to complete the basic principles associated with this trade, such as skin and nail care. Cosmetology is present in a collection of different industries, each of which presents a different pay scale for its workers. Job Monkey explains the differences in average pay below:

  • Department Store Makeup Artist: $23,379 (+ Tips)
  • Beauty School Cosmetologist: $34,596
  • TV & Film Industry: $71,760
  • Performing Arts: $58,885

In addition, a lot of these workers are self-employed, so often have to budget for the cost of their supplies and rent for their premises. Overall, this is a great new job opportunity for those looking to enjoy a more client-centered role and are potentially looking to enjoy the freedom of self-employment in the next phase of their lives.

When we’re forced to complete a job that we don’t like, we tend to lose passion and motivation for our respective roles. As these feelings develop, we may not put enough effort into our daily tasks and may develop a sense of animosity against our co-workers. Therefore, it’s sometimes best that we resign from our current roles and try to find something that best suits our needs and preferences. In turn, if you’re looking to find a new job soon, consider looking into some of the job titles listed in this article.

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